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Facebook tagging, profile, profile cover usage and sharing within Facebook are all permitted, for your PERSONAL page.

Do NOT tag any commercial entities without prior written permission.

When using photos for your profile picture or cover image, you need to add a comment with a tagged (if possible) @ link back to the Soul Hunter Photography page. This enables covering the situation where you or Facebook have unintentionally cropped out the watermark if I choose to use them.

To tag, just comment on the photo (or add to the photo description) with the link https://www.facebook.com/DavidLMackiePhotography or type @Soul Hunter – Photography if you are using Facebook on a platform that allows tagging (some mobiles apps don’t).


Re-use on Instagram permitted if no filters are applied and watermark retained, If I choose to use them. Please tag the photo with #SoulHunterPhotography and Tag me @DavidLMackie because I’m keen to seen who likes what I do enough to reshare.


Sometimes images may feature someone that feels that it doesn’t show them in the best light or other external reasons maybe in play. If the shot is in anyway not building up people let me know and I’ll pull it down no question.


You must receive written permission from the photographer for any use outside Facebook and Instagram or obtain a COMMERCIAL USE LICENCE for use for any commercial purposes. This includes profile use as part of sponsorships.


For contacting the photographer including any clarification on any of the above points please use the Message button on the Soul Hunter Photography page or email David@SoulHunter.Photography

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