I started sports photography by shooting Roller Derby and since it such an amazing community I wanted to be a part of it. Even though I joined a league as a skating member my first love was photography and geeky fandoms, so my “Derby Name” began as Shag Toth but quickly became Soul Hunter.

This is how I arrived at it, albeit number 18 was taken in our league so I used 6D for a while after the model of Canon Camera that changed how I shoot.

May I suggest you run away now because it will surely change how you think about me.

Shag Toth 18%

18% Grey – The colour of the cards used for White Balance

  • Grey Council – Babylon 5
  • “We Are Grey, We Stand Between, The Candle And The Star” – (B5 Quote)
  • I’m usually standing between my flashes and the skaters
  • The Star being the Jammers helmet cover of course

Shag Toth = Soul Hunter In Mimbari

  • Some People Believe When You Take Someone’s Photo You Take Part Of Their Soul
  • “Only the special ones. Leaders, thinkers, poets, dreamers, blessed lunatics…we enshrine them.”Soul Hunter (Another B5 Quote)
  • 1The More Derby Girls I Meet The More I Know That To Be True
  • People Also Believe When You Share A Photo With Your Subject You Return Some Of Their Soul To Them

Like I’m Doing on this page 🙂

So if you talk to me at a bout or an event I’m shooting and it feels awkward to you, rest assured its me not you. There’s quite a lot going on in there and not all of it related to what’s going on right now.

Photography, TV, Geekiness et alia is just a small part.

At least my wife and kids are used to my special brain

Oh and random capitalisation inserted by the Mind Mapping app I stored this in… Yep mind mapped

Enjoy 😉